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We build science centre exhibits, websites and kiosk software

Make your website interactive for your visitors so they linger longer then share their content on social media.

Create an engaging exhibit for your museum or science centre. We'll turn your spark of an idea into reality.

Touchscreen kiosks can really enhance the understanding of your exhibition when the right intuitive interface is created.


In the Zone

The theme of the Olympics inspired exhibition is an imaginary television show and, after a 50 second briefing from the show's director, visitors discover the attributes of the body required for a sporting athlete.

All exhibits are linked together as part of a computer network to form a timed pathway for the visitor. Each station records a different physical attribute of the 'cast member' which is then mixed in with a short video clip explaining what's happening. A record breaking 25% of visitors logged on at home to explore the science further as part of the Explore More system.

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Interactive Experience

Your visitors will engage and understand your message more.

Intuitive Design

Invisible interfaces which don't get in the way of the experience.

Platforms and Devices

Development in HTML, JavaScript, Open Frameworks, Apple iOS, Android, PHP, Java, Flash... Apple Mac, Windows PC, Raspberry Pi, Arduino... always the best tool for the job.

Made with Love

We smile the most when we see visitors engaging and enjoying the results our work.


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